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Password Protect a Linux Directory Using Command Line and Htaccess

password protected directory

Do you want to protect your Linux folders and files from public internet access without using an online password generator? This article will show you how to add basic authentication on folders using only command line and .htaccess file in 2 simple steps: First step you need to generate the username and password. Credentials will [...]

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PHP frameworks popularity comparison – Yii vs CodeIgniter vs Zend vs Cakephp


This article is posted to show the popularity and trends for the most used PHP frameworks in 2012. The article is written in September 2012 and uses google trends to show and compare the popularity and search volume of 4 great MVC php frameworks: Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend & CakePHP.

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How to enable error reporting in PHP without editing php.ini?

If your website is on a shared hosting and can’t edit your php configuration, or you just want to do a quick debugging for your php script on a production server, you can use the error_reporting function in php: error_reporting(E_ALL);

Yii Reference 1 – Create Url, Links and Redirections

This post will be a reference on how deal with urls, links and browser redirects in Yii Framework. It will guide you on how to use different built-in functions in Yii like createUrl(), createAbsoluteUrl(), CHtml::link(), redirect(). Create URL $url = Yii::app()->createUrl(‘site/index’);

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